I have drawn a coordinate with an angle of 30 degrees betwenn the x- and the y- axis like this:






[   x={(\xx cm,\xy cm)},
    y={(\yx cm,\yy cm)},
%    z={(\zx cm,\zy cm)},
\draw[-latex,red] (-1,0,0) -- (3.5,0,0) node[label=\xangle:x] {};
\draw[-latex,blue] (0,-1,0) -- (0,3.5,0) node[label=\yangle:y] {};
%\draw[-latex,black] (0,0,-1) -- (0,0,3.5) node[label=\zangle:z] {};

\foreach \c in {0,...,3}
{   \fill[red] (\c,0,0) circle (0.05cm);
    \fill[blue] (0,\c,0) circle (0.05cm);
%    \fill[black] (0,0,\c) circle (0.05cm);


It is a modified example from 1.

My question is now, how to assimilate the grid on the new constructed axis. If I use the grid option, the grid is plotted as in a normal cartesian system and is not assimilated to the changed degree.

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