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I am writing a math expression, $P = \omega \tau$, in the middle of my text, and LaTeX splits it such that "P =" is on one line and "\omega \tau" is on the next line. I would like the whole expression to be on the same line. Is there any way to do this in LaTeX? I tried hyphenation, but that only works for words... Thanks in advance!

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    It's clearly a duplicate. My advice is to wait until the document is in final form for tackling these problems. And to add \nolinebreak after = in the cases you don't want a break. Enclosing the formula in braces is not the best way, because this freezes spacing, disallowing it to participate in stretching/shrinking spaces for justification. – egreg Dec 13 '15 at 11:09

You can use {}: ${P = \omega \tau}$, but then overfull hboxes can appear.

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