I am currently working with the cleanthesis package. Customizing this thing was ok so far, but now I encountered a real problem. While trying to use minted, I wasted a lot of time till I found out it works, but not with my current cleanthesis project. For testing purposes, I made a new file with this MNWE:

% **************************************************
% Document Class Definition
% **************************************************
paper=A4,                   % paper size --> A4 is default in Germany
twoside=true,               % onesite or twoside printing
openright,                  % doublepage cleaning ends up right side
parskip=full,               % spacing value / method for paragraphs
chapterprefix=true,         % prefix for chapter marks
11pt,                       % font size
headings=normal,            % size of headings
bibliography=totoc,         % include bib in toc
listof=totoc,               % include listof entries in toc
titlepage=on,               % own page for each title page
captions=tableabove,        % display table captions above the float env
draft=true,             % value for draft version

% **************************************************
% Debug LaTeX Information
% **************************************************
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}     % defines file's character encoding

% **************************************************
% Information and Commands for Reuse
% **************************************************


\newcommand{\thesisSecondReviewer}{ }


\newcommand{\thesisUniversity}{\protect{Universität Bielefeld}}
\newcommand{\thesisUniversityDepartment}{Technische Fakultät}
\newcommand{\thesisUniversityPostalCode}{33615 Bielefeld}

% **************************************************
% Load and Configure Packages
% **************************************************

\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} % babel system, adjust the language of the content
\usepackage[                    % clean thesis style
int main() {
printf("hello, world");
return 0;

Any ideas what could cause this problem?

  • Rather than a working example with article, a non working one with cleanthesis would be better. – egreg Dec 14 '15 at 23:45
  • You're right, I fixed this. – Rico Dec 14 '15 at 23:50

You're passing draft=true to \documentclass, so it is a global option; also minted understands and accepts it.



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