I want to bend an additional arrow in a circular smartdiagram. How can i achieve that?

Here is how my diagram looks right now:

current diagram

Here is how it should look:

expected diagram

Here is a MWE of my current diagram:

        circular final arrow disabled=true, 
            additional arrow color=red!50,
            additional arrow tip=stealth,
            additional arrow line width=3pt,
    \smartdiagramadd[circular diagram:clockwise]{
        A, B, C, D
    \smartdiagramconnect{->, shorten <=8pt, shorten >=8pt}{module3/module2}

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The additional arrows are not bent under the option bend left because \smartdiagramconnect is implemented by (\start)--(\end) and not (\start) to (\end). So one needs to redefine the command

\RenewDocumentCommand{\smartdiagramconnect}{m m}{%
  \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
  \foreach \start/\end in {#2}
  \draw[additional item arrow type,#1]
    (\start) to (\end);

Then one can use

\smartdiagramconnect{->, shorten <=8pt, shorten >=8pt, bend left=30}{module3/module2}

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