Changing thickness line using pst-solides3d:

I'm trying to draw a thinness line in space using pst-solides3d:

\psset[pst-solides3d]{viewpoint=40 30 25 rtp2xyz,Decran=60,fontsize=0}
\psSolid[algebraic,object=surfaceparametree,base=0 2 pi 2 div 3 pi mul 2 div,linewidth=0.5pt,function=paraboloid1,ngrid=20 25,linecolor=blue,incolor=Turquoise]%
\psSolid[object=line,args=0 4 0 0 4 4,linewidth=0.1pt]

but command linewidth seems have no effect. Thanks.

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\psPoint(0, 4, 0){A}\psPoint(0, 4, 4){B}

I'll fix it in pst-solides3d.pro that linewidth is taken into account for the object=line. The updated package is available for TeX Live and also MiKTeX.

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