I am using the apa6 document class with the man option to write my bachelor-thesis.

On the first Page, top left corner, the actual running head ("FAAFAAFAAFAA") is preceded by Running Head:. My supervisor wants me to remove this, as he does not consider it to apa-standard. How could I achieve this?

Note: I do not intend to start a discussion about whether this might be right or wrong due to the apa manual. I care about producing a thesis meeting my supervisor's demands, even if it means violating apa standards.

Below is an MWE:

  • Nice MWE, by the way! – Mico Dec 16 '15 at 21:31

The simplest way I can think of going about achieving your adviser's formatting requirement is to insert the following instruction immediately after \begin{document}:


(Inserting this instruction before \begin{document} works as well, but I think that it's less clear as to which page is affected.)

Why does this work? Let's examine the definitions of the titlepage and otherpage page styles that are provided by the apa6 document class:

    \lhead{\rheadname: \MakeUppercase{\@shorttitle}}%

Elsewhere in the document class file, we have \def\rheadname{Running head}. Note that it doesn't suffice to undefine \rheadname, as there'd still be a colon, :, and an empty space ahead of the actual running head. Redefining the titlepage page style (and make it act like the otherpage page style) is possible in principle, but then one also needs to run \thispagestyle{titlepage} one more time for the change to take hold. That's why I'm suggesting switching the page style for the title page to otherpage.

  • your suggestion solved the proplem perfectly, thank you very much! I tried looking into the document class itself, as you did, but lacking foreknowledge and time, I was not able to make any sense of the provided code. Also, thank you for the little illustration why alternative solutions wouldn't have worked, i will try and work myself into this topic when I can focus a little more on the specialties of LaTeX. – Arthur Dec 16 '15 at 22:17

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