Using arara I would like to know whether wildcard instructions can be passed in the instructions.

I would like to have a dynamic compile of my bu*.aux files when I use bibunits, because as I comment out different sections, the number of files changes constantly.

Short of pointing arara to a custom script written to call bibtex in a for loop for all produced bu*.aux files, does arara have a feature/tool that I have overlooked that would permit this? I.e. I think this similar to this question: Arara rule to delete files with wildcard and Deleting external/auxiliary files?, however, I am not sure whether the custom routine that provides user specified list of file extensions to clean, can be modified to work for the bibunits files. I commented out the lines from the linked question in my MWE arara compile sequence that I am wondering about composing a rule to handle with similar logic.

% arara: xelatex: {synctex: yes}
% arara: bibtex: { files: [ bu1, bu2] }
% !arara: bibtex: { files: [ bu*] }
% !clean: { extensions: [aux, bbl, bcl, blg <and more>] }
% arara: xelatex: {synctex: yes}
% arara: xelatex: {synctex: yes}



\usepackage{bibunits}           % This package must be loaded after natbib
\defaultbibliographystyle{plain}% removes URL additions 

        author = {Author name},
        address = {address},
        booktitle = {A book},
        title = {The book title},
        year = {2015},
        author = {Author name},
        journal = {A Journal},
        title = {The article title},
        year = {2013},

%--------------------BEGIN DOCUMENT----------------------

\section{Topic One}
Real text that descibes the scope of the forthcoming bibliography would be here:

\section{Topic Two}
Real text that descibes the scope of the forthcoming bibliography would be here for the next topic:


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