I am not able to set the angle between two siblings in a TikZ mindmap. The code is the following:

\begin{tikzpicture}[mindmap,grow cyclic, every node/.style=concept, concept color=orange!40,
    level 1/.append={level distance=5cm,sibling angle=90},
    level 2/.append={level distance=3cm,sibling angle=45}]
\node[root concept]{Root}[counterclockwise from=225]
    child{node {Left node}[counterclockwise from=135]
        child{node {Left1}}
        child{node {Left2}}
        child{node {Left3}}
        child{node {Left4}}
    } $ left
    child{node {Right node}[clockwise from=45]
        child{node {Right1}}
        child{node {Right2}}
        child{node {Right3}}
        child{node {Right4}}
    } %right

and the output is this:


Neither this instruction:

level 1/.append={level distance=5cm,sibling angle=90},

nor this one:

level 1/.append={sibling angle=90},

separate siblings by 90 degrees. Even if I set sibling angle=180 (or any other value) nothing changes.

What do I do wrong? It should be something very simple, but I cannot see it...



You need to use .append style instead of .append in your level styleset:

level 1/.append style={level distance=5cm,sibling angle=90},
level 2/.append style={level distance=3cm,sibling angle=45}]

This leads to following image: rendered image

  • Thanks - it was easy but my eye is not yet trained on TikZ... – Antonio Sesto Dec 18 '15 at 12:22

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