I'm using the following to change the order of note and pages fields for @article.


I struggle to find something similar for @inproceedings. I guess the note+pages marco is not used there. How can I find out which macro is used instead?

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    With @inproceedings the note field is printed with a simple \printfield{note}% in the driver and then later the pages come with usebibmacro{chapter+pages}%. You could simply use the addendum field which is printed later. Or you could re-order the driver (maybe even with xpatch), or you could save the note field, then clear it and print the saved field later.
    – moewe
    Commented Dec 18, 2015 at 15:40

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Following moewe's suggestion, I use xpatch's \xpatchbibdriver to remove the \printfield{note} and then to add it before the \usebibmacro{doi+eprint+url}:

  author       = {Moraux, Paul},
  editor       = {Lloyd, G. E. R. and Owen, G. E. L.},
  title        = {Le \emph{De Anima} dans la tradition gr{\`e}cque},
  date         = 1979,
  booktitle    = {Aristotle on Mind and the Senses},
  subtitle     = {Quelques aspects de l'interpretation du trait{\'e}, de
                  Theophraste {\`a} Themistius},
  booktitleaddon= {Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium Aristotelicum},
  eventdate    = 1975,
  publisher    = cup,
  location     = {Cambridge},
  pages        = {281-324},
  keywords     = {secondary},
  langid       = {french},
  indexsorttitle= {De Anima dans la tradition grecque},
  indextitle   = {\emph{De Anima} dans la tradition gr{\`e}cque, Le},
  shorttitle   = {\emph{De Anima} dans la tradition gr{\`e}cque},
  annotation   = {This is a typical \texttt{inproceedings} entry. Note the
                  \texttt{booksubtitle}, \texttt{shorttitle},
                  \texttt{indextitle}, and \texttt{indexsorttitle} fields. Also
                  note the \texttt{eventdate} field.},
  note = {This is a note},
  url = {https://fake.url}

  author       = {Salam, Abdus},
  editor       = {Svartholm, Nils},
  title        = {Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions},
  date         = 1968,
  booktitle    = {Elementary particle theory},
  booksubtitle = {Relativistic groups and analyticity},
  booktitleaddon= {Proceedings of the {Eighth Nobel Symposium}},
  eventdate    = {1968-05-19/1968-05-25},
  venue        = {Aspen{\"a}sgarden, Lerum},
  publisher    = {Almquist \& Wiksell},
  location     = {Stockholm},
  pages        = {367-377},
  note = {This is a note},


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