When trying to run the example code below found at How to draw a square wave?, I get the error: "LaTeX Error: File `gnuplot3-gnuplottex-fig1' not found", although I am seeing the eps file created in my folder.

I followed the steps found here to include the --shell-escape in the PDFLaTeX option in WinEdt. I still have the error. I am however able to run other simple gnuplot code like that found here.

Can you tell me why I am getting this error although the eps file is created? Thanks.

Here is the original code:

% Code compiled with pdflatex engine via frozen texlive 2012 on Linux 
% Need "-shell-escape" enabled and gnuplot 4.4 
\usepackage{gnuplottex} % http://www.ctan.org/pkg/gnuplottex
# xy co-ordinates range
unset border   # border off
unset xtics    # remove xaxis tics
set ytics ("0" -1, "0.5" 0, "1" 1) nomirror  # remove rightside yaxis ticks
set samples 300  # number of sample points
set arrow from xmin,ymin to xmax,ymin linewidth 1.5 # x-axis 
set arrow from xmin+0.15,ymin to xmin+0.15,ymax+0.2 linewidth 1.5 # y-axis 
set arrow from -5,ymin-0.1 to -3,ymin-0.1 # Time arrow
set title 'Square wave'
set xlabel "Time" 
set ylabel "Amplitude"  
# based on "Other definitions" at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_wave
plot [xmin:xmax] [ymin:ymax] sgn(sin(x)) linecolor 3 linewidth 3  notitle;

If you run pdflatex or equivalent to generate PDF directly, it won't include PS (or EPS, for that matter). Formats acceptable are PDF, PNG, JPEG.

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