I have a problem when using \bibliographystyle{apalike}

When I write

    author = {A.A. Petrenko and Y. Leredde and P. Marsaleix},
    title = {Circulation in a stratified and wind-forced {G}ulf of {L}ion, {NW} {M}editerranean {S}ea: in situ and modeling data},
    year =  {2005},
    journal = {Cont. Shelf Res.},
    volume ={25},
    pages = {7–27}

The output is

Petrenko, A., Leredde, Y., and Marsaleix, P. (2005). Circulation in a stratified and wind-forced Gulf of Lion, NW Mediterranean Sea: in situ and modeling data. Cont. Shelf Res., 25:727

The pages are not separated (7-27) but they stick together (727).

This happens only in some cases. For example this works just fine:

    author = {A.A. Petrenko and  C. Dufau and C. Estournel},
    title = {Barotropic eastward currents in the western {G}ulf of {L}ion, north-western {M}editerranean {S}ea, during stratified conditions},
    year =  {2008},
    journal = {Journal of Marine Systems},
    volume ={74},
    pages = {406-428}

Petrenko, A., Dufau, C., and Estournel, C. (2008). Barotropic eastward currents in the western Gulf of Lion, north-western Mediterranean Sea, during stratified conditions. Journal of Marine Systems, 74:406–428.

Can someone help me to understand why?

  • The issue is that some of your entries have a "smart hyphen" -- specifically, a Unicode en-dash character, instead of the expected - ("dash") character. If you want to stick with BibTeX, the solution entails replacing the en-dash characters, , with dash characters, -. – Mico Dec 22 '15 at 9:07

The solution is in here:

pages = {7–27}


 pages = {7-27}.

To different hyphen different output.

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