On Linux, to specify a path to use across the document with \includegraphics I simply use

\graphicspath{{/home/John\ Francis/Desktop/Report/Pictures/}}

I am currently using a Windows machine and that does not work. How should I specify Windows directories? I tried

\graphicspath{{C:/Users/John\ Francis/Desktop/Report/Pictures/}}


\graphicspath{{C:\Users\John\ Francis\Desktop\Report\Pictures\}}

but it hasn't work.

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After some additional research, I found out that if pictures are at the same directory as the .tex file, \graphicspath{{some_path}} is unnecessary. Therefore, \includegraphics will just assume that image is placed on the working directory.



will look at images in two subdirectories under your .tex file path (namely imagestemplate and images)

If you have more than a few images I would not keep them in the root working directory.

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