On Linux, to specify a path to use across the document with \includegraphics I simply use

\graphicspath{{/home/John\ Francis/Desktop/Report/Pictures/}}

I am currently using a Windows machine and that does not work. How should I specify Windows directories? I tried

\graphicspath{{C:/Users/John\ Francis/Desktop/Report/Pictures/}}


\graphicspath{{C:\Users\John\ Francis\Desktop\Report\Pictures\}}

but it hasn't work.


After some additional research, I found out that if pictures are at the same directory as the .tex file, \graphicspath{{some_path}} is unnecessary. Therefore, \includegraphics will just assume that image is placed on the working directory.

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will look at images in two subdirectories under your .tex file path (namely imagestemplate and images)

If you have more than a few images I would not keep them in the root working directory.

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