I want to write rational numbers in mixed-numeral notation. To do so, I currently use \tfrac (AmSLaTeX):

\frac{5}{4} = 1\tfrac{1}{4}

But the fractional part is still too big for my taste. Therefore I defined \ttfrac with respect to genfrac as suggested in the "User's Guide for the amsmath Package" [amsldoc] (subsection 4.11.3):


The above code then becomes:

\frac{5}{4} = 1\ttfrac{1}{4}

It fits better my taste, but now the fractional part is shifted down. What is the best way to raise it up a bit ?


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You shouldn't write numbers that way, because it's ambiguous. Anyway, for raising the scriptsize fraction you can use \vcenter:




$1\ttfrac{1}{4}$ versus $1\tfrac{1}{4}$


enter image description here

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