I have a description list that looks like follows (MWE):

\item[Author's Action (\textbf{A}ccomplished or \textbf{P}roposed)] \textbf{A}

Here what I would like to do is to only bold the first letter of the words Accomplished and Proposed. Using the method shown in MWE, I see that the entire word is rendered in bold. Is there a way to only bold the first character of each word?


1: use format=\normalfont from enumitem package


\item[Author's Action (\textbf{A}ccomplished or \textbf{P}roposed)] \textbf{A}\\ 

or 2: redefine \descriptionlabel

                                \normalfont #1}

In the default description lists, items are shown in bold.

To avoid this, use \mdseries:

\item[\mdseries Author's Action (\textbf{A}ccomplished or \textbf{P}roposed)] \textbf{A}\\ 

If you need this for the whole document, you may define a macro

\newcommand{\ITEM}[1]{\item[\mdseries #1]}

and use it as follows

\ITEM{Author's Action (\textbf{A}ccomplished or \textbf{P}roposed)} \textbf{A}\\ 

Or you can just redefine \descriptionlabel:

\renewcommand{\descriptionlabel}[1]{{\mdseries #1}}

and keep the original syntax.

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