despit i specified that the image must be place inline "among the text" using [h] command, at run time, the image is place at the end of the section how to set it right?


\subsection{item1 Vs item2}
in this comparison......

the rest of the text goes here..

Not mentioned in the above-mentioned link: a plain TeX macro package, insbox.tex, which defines an \InsertBoxC command. This command is to be used inside a paragraph, lets the current line terminate, then inserts its argument, andafterwards continues the text of the paragraph.


\usepackage{cleveref, todonotes}


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec varius dapibus metus eget ultrices. Nulla sagittis mauris rutrum, blandit augue eget, laoreet augue. Phasellus enim odio, sagittis in mi sed, fringilla mollis odio. Phasellus quis purus ultricies, tempor purus at, tempus quam. Donec ultricies, ligula ac pretium porttitor, nibh nunc \todo[color=white, linecolor=red]{\color{red}Insertion point}%
\InsertBoxC{\begin{minipage}{\linewidth}\centering\bigskip\includegraphics[scale=0.75]{AliceSteadman.png}\\ \captionof{figure}{Any description}\label{WhiteRabbit}\end{minipage}}%
Integer eros nibh, cursus at est sed, volutpat tristique justo. Donec ornare facilisis lorem, id feugiat elit pellentesque at. Nulla odio mauris, luctus sed faucibus id, dignissim dictum velit. Morbi vehicula velit at massa tristique rhoncus. Cf. \color{red}{\cref{WhiteRabbit}}.


enter image description here

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