I have a plot of coordinates

\draw plot [smooth] coordinates{ (-3.1,-0.5) (-1.5,0.3) (0,0) (1.8,0.64) (3,0.5)};

Is there a way to have the curve between (0,0) and (1.8, 0.64) painted thick?

I would just draw a second plot, but of course the smoothing is different when I omitt data.

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You could clip the second plot:


        \draw plot [smooth] coordinates{ (-3.1,-0.5) (-1.5,0.3) (0,0) (1.8,0.64) (3,0.5)};

            \clip(0,0) rectangle (1.8,0.64);
            \draw[thick] plot [smooth] coordinates{ (-3.1,-0.5) (-1.5,0.3) (0,0) (1.8,0.64) (3,0.5)};

enter image description here

  • In my case this works, but what if the plot intersects itself? Then this would leave the intersection visible.
    – BenjaminH
    Dec 30, 2015 at 10:47

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