I have a project that comprises multiple sub-documents, each of which needs to be generated many times with small tweaks that need to be consistent across the document. Here's what I want to do:

  1. create a style file in which I define some macros containing the information needing to be tweaked,
  2. place each sub-document in its own subfolder,
  3. symlink the single style file to each subfolder,

so that

  1. I can just tweak the style file and rebuild each document rather than having to tweak each document individually hoping I don't forget something.

Here's what I tried.

  • I create a directory <minimal>, with a subdirectory <doc1>.
  • I create mwe.sty and put it in the home <minimal> directory:



  • I create doc1.tex in minimal/doc1:


  • I symlink the style file into doc1 with:

ln -s mwe.sty doc1/mwe.sty
  • I cd into doc1 try to build with:


latex doc1.tex

and I get:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.6 \foo

I'm on Mactex 2015. Anybody got an idea what I'm doing wrong here?

  • Why don't you just drop the style file into your TEXMFHOME? Then you don't need the symbolic links at all. mkdir -p $(kpsewhich -var TEXMFHOME)/tex/latex/shane-mwe && mv mwe.sty $(kpsewhich -var TEXMFHOME)/tex/latex/shane-mwe/snane-mwe.sty. (Don't use mwe.sty because there's already a package by that name in the standard distributions.) – cfr Dec 31 '15 at 20:05
  • But if you do want to use symbolic links, try cd minimal/doc1; ln -s ../shane-mwe.sty ./. Or ln -s ../shane-mwe.sty doc1/shane-mwe.sty. – cfr Dec 31 '15 at 20:07

First, don't use the same name as that of a standard package. So let's use shane-mwe.sty rather than mwe.sty, which already exists.


cd minimal && mv mwe.sty shane-mwe.sty

To see what is wrong with the existing symbolic link, do

ls -l doc1/mwe.sty

and you will see that the link points to itself.

To create a link to the parent directory, you need something like

ln -s ../shane-mwe.sty doc1/shane-mwe.sty


cd doc1/ && ln -s ../shane-mwe.sty ./

However, it would probably be better and easier to drop the style file in your TEXMFHOME since that is what it is designed for.

mkdir -p $(kpsewhich -var TEXMFHOME)/tex/latex/shane-mwe && mv shane-mwe.sty $(kpsewhich -var TEXMFHOME)/tex/latex/shane-mwe/
  • 1
    yep, that does it. I didn't want to install anything to my TEXMFHOME because i've got the same project synced to a bunch of different machines via github and I didn't want to have to go crawling into tex's guts to make a couple of simple changes a whole lot of times. Many thanks! – shane Jan 1 '16 at 15:20

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