The posting Incompatibility between footmisc-option multiple and hyperref contains a solution to having consecutive footnote markers hyper-linked and automatically separated by raised commas.

How to have the same when there is a sequence of footnotes and footcites, such as

Text\footnote{First footnote}\footcite{firstcitation}\footnote{citation}

This is the solution on the linked page:






Text\footnote{First footnote}\footnote{Second footnote}\footnote{Third footnote} Text\footnote{Fourth footnote} Text


The solution to your query involves making two additions to @Holle's code you quoted in your posting.

  • First, modify the \isFootnote macro to test whether the very next token is either \footnote or \footcite (and, if the test is "true", to instruct LaTeX to insert \textsuperscript{,}).

  • Second, renew the \footcite macro in the same way the \footnote macro has been renewed.

enter image description here

\usepackage{biblatex} % for '\footcite' macro


\setlength\textheight{3cm} % just for this example

Text.\footnote{First footnote}\footcite{An entry to be cited}\footcite{Another entry to be cited}\footnote{Second footnote}  
More text


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