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I wanted captions on the side of figures, so, following this answer, I tried the floatrow package. This, however, resulted in the following error:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\floatrow\floatrow.sty:485: No room for a new \count . [...finable\flrow@foot{\newinsert\flrow@foot}]

I figured that maybe the problem was in some conflict between packages, as using floatrow in a document without other packages didn't result in errors. So I tested a bit the various combinations of packages, and ended up with the following MWE reproducing the error:




This produces the error I gave above. However, strangely enough, removing any single package from the above list, the error disappears. Even better, changing the babel language from italian to english also removes the error!

What is happening here?

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  • Load floatrow earlier than the other packages and see if that helps. – Arash Esbati Jan 5 '16 at 16:31
  • @ArashEsbati yes, that works. However I would like to understand why this happens. Also I like to keep my packages ordered so I'd prefer not having to include it before the others. My real document is of course a bit more complicated than this MWE. – glS Jan 5 '16 at 16:33
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    See here and here. – Arash Esbati Jan 5 '16 at 16:37
  • @ArashEsbati thanks, those are definitely relevant. I'll install the latest MiKTeX distribution ASAP (I'm currently using 2.9) and see if that fixes the problem. – glS Jan 5 '16 at 16:41
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    you should not get that error in latex 2015/10/01 but you will in 2015/01/01 it's a bug in floatrow but the new allocation system in the October release is more forgiving – David Carlisle Jan 5 '16 at 16:43