I need to remove parentheses around year in bibliography. I am using apacite.

My setup:


Current version:

Callenbach, E. (2002). The Gleaners and I 

Desired version:

Callenbach, E. 2002. The Gleaners and I

Is there any way to format my citations like this?


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You can remove the parentheses by redefining the \BBOP and \BBCP macros, as described on p. 33 of the apacite documentation. This needs to be done wrapped in \AtBeginDocument.

    Author = {Ferdinand de Saussure},
    Origyear = {1916},
    Publisher = {Payot},
    Title = {Cours de Linguistique G{\'e}n{\'e}rale},
    Year = {1995}}


output of code

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