we know that, the \xrightarrow can give superscript (over the arrow) and subscript (under the arrow). for example



but, I want to define a command such that it has the following style:

X\xra Y Equals to X\rightarrow{} Y
X\xra^{f}Y Equals to X\xrightarrow{f}Y
X\xra_{g}Y Equals to X\xrightarrow[g]Y

How to solve this?

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    use the xparse package to spot ^ and _ and then pass it on in the right manner to \xrightarrow – daleif Jan 6 '16 at 14:58
  • @daleif could you give some more detail – jiaopjie Jan 7 '16 at 5:27

Some checks for ^ and _ in either order:


\newcommand{\xra@sup}[2]{% #1 is ^
\newcommand{\xra@sub}[2]{% #1 is _


$A \xra B$

$A\xra^{f} B$

$A\xra^{f}_{g} B$

$A\xra_{g} B$

$A\xra_{g}^{f} B$


enter image description here


Here is one way. Probably not the best

\NewDocumentCommand\xra{ t_ t^  m}{
      \to #3
  X \xra_ t  Y \\
  X \xra^ t  Y \\
  X \xra   Y \\

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