I'm using \xymatrix to draw a diagram and I need some of the arrows to be named with a matrix over it. To draw the matrices over arrows, I'm using the \arrow command but, unfortunately, it puts very large matrices and collapses the diagram. The usual size-changing commands, such as \scriptstyle..., do not work. could somebody give a hint? Thanks in advance.

  • Could you post the example code that you're working with, to give an indication of what you're trying to do and what's not working? – Arun Debray Jan 7 '16 at 20:44

The smallmatrix environments are the right thing to use here, since they by default are small enough to fit into a line of text. You can use \begin{smallmatrix}...\end{smallmatrix} in place of \begin{matrix}...\end{matrix} to get something that's small enough.

Then, if you use the mathtools package, you can add delimiters: psmallmatrix is like pmatrix (a matrix delimited by parentheses, but smaller), bsmallmatrix uses brackets like bmatrix, and so on.

Here's how this looks with arrows in a commutative diagram:

A \ar[r]^{\begin{psmallmatrix}1 & 0\\0 & 1\end{psmallmatrix}}
  \ar[d]_{\begin{psmallmatrix}1 & -1\\-1 & 1\end{psmallmatrix}}
& B\ar[d]^{\begin{psmallmatrix}c & 0\\d & e\end{psmallmatrix}} \\
C\ar[r]_{\begin{bsmallmatrix}a & 0\\0 & b\end{bsmallmatrix}} & D

enter image description here


In addition to Arun's solution, this is how it would look like with :

% arara: pdflatex


\begin{tikzcd}[ampersand replacement=\&]
    A \arrow{d}[swap]{\begin{psmallmatrix}1 & 0\\0 & 1\end{psmallmatrix}} \arrow{r}{\begin{psmallmatrix}1 & 0\\0 & 1\end{psmallmatrix}} \& B \arrow{d}{\begin{psmallmatrix}1 & 0\\0 & 1\end{psmallmatrix}} \\
    C \arrow{r}[swap]{\begin{psmallmatrix}1 & 0\\0 & 1\end{psmallmatrix}} \& D

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