I have a directory where I have the following .tex file:

\documentclass[fontsize=16pt, paper=letter]{scrartcl}



\title{A test \LaTeX to HTML page}

\section{Section One}

Hello world. Here is some mathematics:
        x + y = 3


Then, I run a python script with the following commands:

import subprocess

subprocess.call(["make4ht", "A:/test_tex_sources/test_article.tex"])

When this command is called, the following error is reached:

) (a:/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/tex/generic/tex4ht/tex4ht.sty
--- needs --- tex4ht A:/test_tex_sources/test_article ---

A:/test_tex_sources/test_article.tmp: Forbidden to open for writing
! I can't write on file `A:/test_tex_sources/test_article.tmp'.
l.966           \immediate\openout15=\jobname.tmp

(Press Enter to retry, or Control-Z to exit; default file extension is `.tex')
Please type another output file name:

On the other hand, if I provide the following python script:

import subprocess

subprocess.call(["make4ht", "test_article.tex"])

everything works okay! In addition, if I run the following through command line, and not Python:

make4ht "A:/test_tex_sources/test_article.tex"

then again, everything works okay.

Why is that?

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This is a bug in make4ht, it constructs wrong -jobname for LaTeX when a full path to document is specified. The command call to LaTeX is following:

latex -jobname=$input "tex4ht.sty loading,\input $tex_file"

in your sample, it is

latex -jobname=A:/test_tex_sources/test_article "tex4ht.sty loading,\input A:/test_tex_sources/test_article.tex"

correct call would be

latex -jobname=test_article "tex4ht.sty loading,\input A:/test_tex_sources/test_article.tex"

so jobname should be without directory path

I've fixed make4ht sources, so you can use the development version until I post fix the update to CTAN

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