I am submitting a paper to a journal that requires the following citation format:

  • If a work has two authors, give both names every time you cite it.
  • For three through six authors, give all names the first time, then use “et al.” in citations.


First citation: (Foster, Whittington, Tucker, Horner, Hubbard, & Grimm, 2000).

Subsequent citation: (Foster et al., 2000).

How can I achieve this in natbib, for both \citet{} and \citep{}?


Load the natbib package with the option longnamesfirst.

From page 8 of the package's user guide:

Some publishers require that the first citation of any given reference be given with the full author list, but that all subsequent ones with the abbreviated list. Include the option longnamesfirst to enable this for natbib.

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