I try to draw a figure in Inkscape (0.91) and then include it in a Latex document using the "LaTex with PSTricks macros" .tex filetype. I use the following code to embed the generated squintAntsBlockdiagA4.tex file in latex:

\caption{Schematic representation of proposed antenna geometry.}\label{fig:schema}

The output looks nice, but is scaled (smaller) than the figure drawn in Inkscape. When I generate a eps in Inkscape instead, the figure is not scaled and appears as desired. Is there a way to generate an non-scaled version directly from Inkscape?

Or how can I scale the figure back to the original size without trial and error modifying the \psset{xunit=.5pt,yunit=.5pt,runit=.5pt} command in the .tex filegenerated by Inkscape?

  • I suppose that you can set the unit in Inkscape. By the way: 0.5pt for the Unit makes absolutely no sense! – user2478 Jan 13 '16 at 21:57

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