I am using biblatex with the biber backend for my bibliography. The problem I encountered is that margins are not always respected. It seems to be a fairly common issue, cf. these possibly related questions (answers do not apply as far as I can tell):

Repro code

I used the showframe package to help visualize the spilling.


    author = {Cheng, Peng and LaValle, Steven M.},
    journal = {International Journal of Robotics Research},
    pages = {1--37},
    title = {{Resolution completeness for sampling-based motion planning with differential constraints}},
    year = {2004}





Reference spilling in margin

So how can I solve this? Who's the culprit here? Is there workaround for this issue?


As @Johannes_B pointed out, the issue is with the hyphenation. Possible workarounds involve \raggedright (see No hyphens in biblatex) or \sloppy (see Hyphenation in bibliography with Biblatex).

With \appto{\bibsetup}{\raggedright}:

enter image description here

With \appto{\bibsetup}{\sloppy}:

enter image description here

  • or directly write samp\-ling, or maybe sam\-pling in your bib file. – pluton Jan 15 '16 at 9:36

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