Can anyone do this with the latest OS and XQuartz? On my machine, XQuartz opens but displays nothing. E.g., after loading a file with

drawdot (35,70); showit;
drawdot (65,70); showit;
draw (20,40) .. (50,25) .. (80,40); showit;

I see a blank XQuartz screen.

  • Loading your example from a file, I too see nothing... – Thruston Jan 15 '16 at 23:20
  • But it works sort-of if I enter it interactively, with Mavericks and latest XQuartz. It is certainly flaky. Entering the snippet interactively, at the first showit an x-window opens but nothing is drawn. At the second, both dots were drawn. At the third the smile was added, but everything disappeared when I tried to resize the window. Frankly, I find it amazing that it works at all given that the instructions were written more than 20 years ago. – Thruston Jan 15 '16 at 23:52

Here's a work-around:

  • First generate the two missing tfm/pk fonts you will need as explained in this answer.

  • Then save your MF program to a file, say lawrence.mf.

  • Then, in Terminal, run mf lawrence && gftodvi lawrence && dvips lawrence.

This should produce a representation of your "font" as lawrence.ps. If you open this with Skim.app you can set it to auto-reload when you re-run the command chain.

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