I know about beamer's feature \setbeamercovered{invisible} and \setbeamercovered{transparent} to hide or grey out upcoming item's . But is there some way to have past items greyed (transparent) and future items hidden (invisible), so that only the current item is black/highlighted? And the best would be if on or 1 slide after the last all the item's could be visible highlighted. Something like this:

  • [grey] past 1
  • [grey] past 2
  • current
  • [hidden] future 1
  • [hidden] future 2
  • [hidden] future 3

Is there any easy way of doing this?

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From the beamer manual, section 17.6 (Transparency Effects), use \setbeamercovered to set the default cover behavior, and override it for old items with the again covered option.

  again covered={\opaqueness<1->{15}}}
\item Apple
\item Peach
\item Plum
\item Orange

enter image description here

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