This might be more of a bug report than a proper question, but here goes.

In the following example, compiled with lualatex, the sequence << is translated to an opening French quotation mark ("guillemet") as expected, but the closing >> is not:



incorrect substitution for <code>>></code>

Commenting out \setdefaultlanguage{french} fixes the problem but is obviously not a satisfying solution.

Using xelatex or the csquotes package works on this example, but would require more work (many individual documents and/or configuration files to change in my particular case).

Any hint or explanation would be welcome.


It seems to be a bug in the file polyglossia-frpt.lua; line 122

122  [byte('>')] = {left,  thinspace},

should be

122  [byte('›')] = {left,  thinspace},

(I left the line number for reference).

If I make a copy of the distributed file in the working directory and do the change, I get the expected output.

enter image description here

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