I'd like to use a custom cross-referencing command, called \pref{}, in TexShop and have it trigger autocompletion the way \ref{} does. Similarly for a custom citation command \citepage{}.

I have the working commands. Citation completion with \cite via Bibdesk also works. I just want TexShop to show me labels when I type \pref{labelname-ESC, and citation options when typing \citpage{bibkey-ESC, i.e. treat them like \ref{ and \cite{ respectively.

Is there a preference list of commands that trigger these special completions somewhere, that I can edit?


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This is not possible without modifying the code and recompiling TeXShop, specifically in the TSTextView object. It's not hard, but would require some familiarity with Objective-C. If you use \citepage{ as a command name, it should work as-is.

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