I am writing a TeX document with some graph theory notation and there is some notation I couldn't get:

enter image description here

I checked in Word and it's Cambria Math font, but when I used the {unicode-math} package it delivers an error that it has to work with the XeLaTeX engine instead of pdf. When I change the engine to be XeLaTeX the document doesn't compile anymore.

Another notation is the dependency notation:

enter image description here

which I couldn't produce normally. I tried this:


and it didn't turn out so good.

How can i get these symbols to look right?


If you don't need it presented in \scriptstyle, etc, then this might suffice.

$\mathcal{G}\depend X$

enter image description here

If one does need it in different math styles, then maybe this:

$\mathcal{G}\depend X$\par
$\scriptstyle\mathcal{G}\depend X$\par
$\scriptscriptstyle\mathcal{G}\depend X$

enter image description here


symbols-a4 gives a possible definition for \independent on p. 212 (§10.3):


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