In order to avoid wasting time in adding/removing *s to number or not equations, I use \mathtools{showonlyrefs=true} in the preamble. Nevertheless, sometimes I'd like to number unreferenced equations. For instance, if just one of two subequations is referenced I want both to be numbered.
So the question is: how can I force the numbering of an unreferenced equation (or subequation) if \mathtools{showonlyrefs=true} is used in the preamble?

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mathtools provides \noeqref for this purpose. To show the number of an equation with label eq:abc, add \noeqref{eq:abc}. The command is similar to \nocite for citations.

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Reference to \eqref{1}.
a=b \label{1} \\
a=c \label{2} \\
a=d \label{3} \\

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