I am getting bitten by the same problem from one of my previous questions: tildes are not handled properly. But now it's the PSTricks QR code package that's not working, and none of the suggestions from the other question are working. Here's an example:


When I put the result into a QR decoder, I get

http://example.com/protect unhbox voidb@x penalty @M  {}user

...which is exactly the problem I had before. But neither \textasciitilde nor \~ works; both insert weird extra bits into the file.

I can work around this instance by using a URL shortener, but really I'd like to know how to teach PSTricks the same tilde-handling magic that hyperref knows.

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\string makes the active character ~ to an inactive one.

  • Perfect. It also works with #.
    – Sigur
    Jul 20, 2015 at 12:49

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