I am using the latex beamer and trying to get the true value of the flag key in the JSON format red too but I am just getting it black as shown in the screen shot below. How can I get it red too?

enter image description here






% switch used as state variable


  showstringspaces    = false,
  keywords            = {false,true},
  alsoletter          = 0123456789.,
  morestring          = [s]{"}{"},
  stringstyle         = \ifcolonfoundonthisline\JSONstringvaluestyle\fi,
  MoreSelectCharTable =%
  basicstyle          = \ttfamily,
  keywordstyle        = \ttfamily\bfseries,

% flip the switch if a colon is found in Pmode

  %override by keyword style if a keyword is detected!

% reset the switch at the end of line

\author{Alex XYZ}
\institute{University XYZ}



\begin{frame}[fragile]{Service Provider - Request and Response}

  "mac": "10:B5:S3:06:C6:E9",
  "time":"12.09.2015 13:45:00",
  "flag": "true"


  • Thanks for the code. This is really useful. A hint for all others visiting this page trying to find JSON styling for Latex: if you replace the line 'stringstyle = \ifcolonfoundonthisline\JSONstringvaluestyle\fi,' with 'stringstyle = \color{blue}\ifcolonfoundonthisline\JSONstringvaluestyle\fi,' (replace blue by whatever color you prefer), you can also color the JSON keys. – Hubert Grzeskowiak May 13 '16 at 12:40

If you delete this line

  keywords            = {false,true},

the string "true" is treated as a string and goes red

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