I'm making a cheat-sheet for an upcoming exam. It must be 1 A4 page (double sided). I've set the size of everything to tiny (it took quite a lot of effort) but now I have a serious problem with spacing - there is an awful amount of space between different environments (theorems, lemmas, definitions, claims and proofs) that I use (in the 'Hebrew Article' document type).

I tried to solve it and found the following solution - to put the following code in the preamble:

\thm@preskip=0pt  \thm@postskip=0pt

I added it and now the preamble looks like this:




\usepackage[margin=0.2in, landscape]{geometry}


\thm@preskip=0pt  \thm@postskip=0pt

However it still doesn't fix the spacing issue, and it still has plenty of spaces: look at those horrendous spaces

I'm now hopeless and (since I spent way too much time on this instead of studying for other exams) would appreciate any sort help.

EDIT: minimized into 1 page - here https://goo.gl/3q1l7L


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I suggest you use the command \vspace{} with a negative length argument, each time you need to remove an unused space.

This is not obviously the best solution for such an issue, but if you don't find a better one, you should resort to it.

  • The thing is there are at least a dozen places where it's a big space (and many places that could have less), and I haven't even finished writing everything. Will resort to it if nothing else comes up, thanks.
    – Trouble
    Jan 21, 2016 at 23:27

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