First time trying to write my thesis in Lyx which has been great up until this point, and getting rather close to submission time I have noticed that webpage references are not outputting with the URL and date accessed like APA states it should.

I am using natbib with the apalike style as bibliography style. I am trying to cite a web site, but in the bibliography the URL (given in the BibTeX entry) is not printed.

I am using Mendeley to keep my references and it shown that it is exported in the URL field

author = {test},
title = {{test prices}},
url = {http://www.test_url.com/our-financials/prices},
urldate = {2015-09-25},
year = {2015}

But it will not output the URL or date accessed.

Screenshot of the bibliography document settings

Screenshot of the bibliography settings from inserted bibliography database

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I came across a work around, In the same bibtex I inserted.

note = {Retrieved on <Date> from <url>}, 

Just ensure , or } at the end to close of each bibtex entry

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