Journal example:

Gray, Jo Anna. (1976). "Wage Indexation-A Macroeconomic Approach." Journal of Monetary Economics 2, 221-235.

Book example

Blanchard, Olivier J., and Stanley Fischer. (1989). Lectures on Macroeconomics. Cambridge, MA.: MIT Press.

Can anyone please suggest me, which style in Lyx can produce this type of referencing style. Its the style of Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. It looks like, all names appear in full and second author's name style is different than the first author's. I tried several options while adding my .bib file to main Lyx file, but couldn't produce this. Style jmr in Lyx produces close but not exactly same. Thanks in advance.

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    It is some kind of author-year style you want. If you use biblatex, it will be easier to customise, starting from this basis. – Bernard Jan 24 '16 at 1:48

As Bernard commented, you may use BibLaTeX.

For the use of BibLaTeX with LyX see here.

I've taken an article from the journal you cited to see which part of the reference should be in italic, unfortunately I haven't found books cited in that article, so I've based my answer only on your question for that.

This is the .bib file (since you didn't post yours, I've taken the citation from Google Scholar exporting them in BibTeX with little changes):

    title={Wage indexation: a macroeconomic approach.},
    author={Gray, Jo Anna},
    journal={Journal of Monetary Economics},
    title={Lectures on macroeconomics},
    author={Blanchard, Olivier J. and Fischer, Stanley},
    publisher={MIT press},
    address={Cambridge, MA.}

This is the code (you have to put the lines between the two %--- in your LaTeX Preamble under the LyX menu option Document > Settings > LaTeX Preamble):


% BibLaTeX
\usepackage[style=authoryear, natbib=true, backend=biber]{biblatex} 

% Dot after author

% No in: before journal title

% Comma after journal title

% Non-italic book title (if it must be in italic, comment this line)

% No pp. before pages

% Add bibliography database


    Citation of the type Author (year): \citet{gray1976wage} \\
    Citation of the type (Author, year): \citep{gray1976wage}

    Citation of the type Author (year): \citet{blanchard1989lectures} \\
    Citation of the type (Author, year): \citep{blanchard1989lectures}



The code for the dot after the author is taken from the comment to this answer.

The code for the comma after the journal title comes from here.

The rest more or less could be found in the link of Elad Den's answer.


enter image description here

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how about the apalike style ?

in any case, you can customize your bibliography as Bernard said. check out this link

  • Doesn't apalike truncate given names to the first initials? – Mico Jan 26 '16 at 12:43

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