Basically what the title says. Is there a way to automatically have "Appendix A -- Title" in the page header instead of "A -- Title" when using the subappendices environment of the appendix package? I learned from the package documentation that this is not supported, but I need to use the subappendices environment, because I have appendices at the end of every chapter.

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    – user31729
    Jan 25, 2016 at 18:56

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Here's a possible way -- use \AtBeginEnvironment do add some code that redefines \sectionmark according to the needs.



   \markboth{\appendixname\ \Alph{section}\ -- #1}{}
   \markright{\appendixname\ \Alph{section}\ --  #1}{}



  \section{Another Foo}

\chapter{Another Chapter}


  \section{Yet another foo}


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