I would like to make a circle the same size as \otimes (but without the \times symbol in it). It seems that \circ is too small, and \bigcirc is too large.

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From the package wasysym.

In text mode: \Circle$\otimes$
In math mode: $\Circle\otimes$

Only in math mode: \ocircle.

enter image description here

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Without font packages:

\usepackage{xcolor} % just for the example



$A\otimes B\onontimes C$




It's not perfect pixel by pixel, but it should be indistinguishable.

enter image description here


You also can use \ovoid from matha, one of the fonts from mathabx. Here is a code to use only this symbol:




$ \oplus\enspace \ovoid \enspace \otimes $\


enter image description here

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