I'm updating my résumé using moderncv casual, and I'm encountering a weird phenomenon: The line spacing, and font size of the description in "Master Thesis" are different than in "Experience". Unfortunately, I am unable to find where to change those parameters for the whole document to be consistent in both line spacing and font size.

Here is a screenshot of the problem: Using the template from moderncv v2.0.0 2015-07-28

I must admit that LaTex styles are still a mystery to me...

Thanks for you help, guys! Cheers

Code example:




\section{Master thesis}
\cvitem{supervisors}{Prof. X and Dr Y}

\cventry{year--year}{Job title}{Employer}{City}{}{General description no longer than 1--2 lines.\newline{}
Detailed achievements: \lipsum[1]}


Is this only a difference of font and spacing between \cvitem and \cventry? If so, how to change it?


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I guess this is hardcoded in the *.sty file. When looking at the moderncvbodyi.sty you'll find the following:

  \renewcommand*{\cventry}[7][.25em]{%   \cvitem[#1]{#2}{%
    \ifthenelse{\equal{#4}{}}{}{, {\slshape#4}}%
    \ifthenelse{\equal{#5}{}}{}{, #5}%
    \ifthenelse{\equal{#6}{}}{}{, #6}%


    \raggedleft\hintstyle{#2} &{#3}%

Clearly \cventry uses a minippage-environment with small fonts. You could change it by removing the "\small"-command from the *.sty file or by simply changing your code to

\cventry{year--year}{Job title}{Employer}{City}{}{\normalsize{General description no longer than 1--2 lines.\newline{}
Detailed achievements: \lipsum[1]}}
  • Thanks a lot for this answer! It does the trick perfectly!
    – Flo
    Commented Jan 29, 2016 at 16:05

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