I am looking for a linux latex (not WYSWIG) editor, that includes beamer enhancements. Simple toolbars/shortcuts for inserting new frames, surrounding content in columns/overlays environments, etc. I tried kile, texstudio, texmaker and none of them seems to have anything beamer related, except creation of the initial document from a template.

Of course, I could spend time creating my own set of macros, but taking into account the popularity of beamer, I find it hard to believe that no such thing exists. Still, google did not return any good results.

  • I guess the community needs one to start the job and to spread it to all – jotagah Feb 11 '16 at 10:42

Up to now, it seems that only advanced editor (eg. Vim or Emacs) can fill your needs.

For Vim (with a plugin manager like Vundle) i recommend you these plugins:

  • ultisnips (a snippets manager)
  • vim-snippets (including beamer snippets)

For instance





You can also add LaTeX plugins like vim-latex to improve your productivity in Vim.

  • This kind of functionality for beamer is implemented in kile, texstudio, etc., but it is very restricted. Nothing implemented for columns, overlays and other more advanced (but still very basic!) beamer functions, not mentioning any kind of toolbar. Does those plugins for vim/emacs implement those more advanced functions? – Lech Wiktor Piotrowski Feb 12 '16 at 11:12
  • The current snippets implemented are: frame, block, alertblock, exampleblock and two-column. vim-snippets is easy to configure: you need to edit a file named tex.snippets. The advantage of vim-latex is that you can type env<F5> and it creates the begin{env} and end{env} and it also includes all you need when you are typing LaTeX. I am not an expert for emacs. Someone else can help? – Martin Rosalie Feb 12 '16 at 12:40
  • So, unfortunately, it implements just 5 environments out of many more, the same as other editors do, meaning that the beamer support is vestigial. I know that I can create my own snippets/macros even in the editors I am more used to, like kile and texstudio, but I am looking if anyone did it for me :) As there are many users of beamer around... – Lech Wiktor Piotrowski Feb 12 '16 at 13:19

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