When using glossaries to display acronyms within a scrreprt document, the acronyms in the list of acronyms will be printed in bold sans serif. I would like to have the (bold) serif font, however. How can this be achieved?


   This is some text with acronyms: an \acs{AOFS} and an \acs{AOM} are often used for \acs{CPA}.
   \printglossary[type=\acronymtype,title={List of Acronyms}]


\newacronym{AOFS}{AOFS}{acousto-optic frequency shifter}
\newacronym{AOM}{AOM}{acuosto-optic modulator}
\newacronym{CPA}{CPA}{chirped-pulse amplification}

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as moospit pointed out, this answer solved my problems, I simply added


to my preamble since glossaries inherits descriptionlabel for the glossary entries.

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