I am trying to include a publication and want to preserve the names of all authors (I do not want to cite a particular paper just mention it in a list of publications). This question is similar but has not received a definite answer.

The content of the .bib file is:

  Title                    = {Title},

  Author                   = {A. Author1, B. Author2, C. Author3, D. Author4},
  Year                     = {2015}

but only the first author is shown.

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    If you use biblatex, load it with the maxnames=99 option (that seems a sensible bound). – Bernard Jan 28 '16 at 23:12

As Bernard mentioned already, maxnames is a command which should solve your issue. Here's a thread with a full example.

NOTE: maxnames is the setting to change this behavior in your entire document whereas maxbibnames only refer to the bibliography.

Hope this helps.

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