Using beamer, how can I insert a background image under the title of each frame? I could insert an image but the result was that the title disappeared because the image is over it. Any ideas?


You can use the \addtobeamertemplate command to add the image to every frame in which the \frametitle command is used. You only add the image to the frametitle template. A simple example using the textpos package to control the placement of the image:




\frametitle{Some long title to overlap the included image}


enter image description here

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You could add the image as part of the frame title argument, e.g. using

    \frametitle{\rlap{\raisebox{-\dp\strutbox}{\includegraphics[height=\baselineskip]{image}}}Your frame title}


(The \frametitle is optional in this case.)

This inserts and scales a background image under the frame title. You might also want to add the option width=\textwidth (or a similar width).

Alternatively try \adjustbox{bgimage=<image>}{Your frame title} from the adjustbox package instead of the frame title alone.

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    it works fine in plain style. But I found out that it overwrites the default color background if I use theme Madrid. Is there any way to replace instead of overwrite it? – Say OL Dec 10 '14 at 15:44

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