I would like to take the full citation of a reference in my BibTeX file and write commentary in-line after it. A \fullcitation{id} command would be perfect. I would like to use it as:


This paper talks about A with applications to B.


This paper considers how C affects A.

Whenever the \fullcitation{id} command appears, I want it to be replaced with the full reference, including authors, title, journal, and date.

Is this possible?

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If you want full citations in the main text, then you can use the bibentry package. Distributed as part of natbib. Use it as:

\nobibliography{bibfile1,bibfile2} % or starred if also using \bibliography{...} 
See \bibentry{id1} for a pedagogical introduction or \bibentry{id2} for more
technical details.

See also this FAQ answer.

Or perhaps you just want to add annotations to a regular list-style bibliography (i.e., a section of it's own). For this purpose, some bibliography styles will honour an annote field, and otherwise you can usually abuse the note field to achieve something similar.

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    Could you please write a MWE? I'm not getting how to use it (specially because I'm using \bibliography{mybibfile} and I'm not sure where the \nobiblipgrahy should go. Oct 27, 2013 at 13:18

Here's how to do it using biblatex:




  author = {Blinder, Alan S.},
  year = {1974},
  title = {The economics of brushing teeth},
  journaltitle = {Journal of Political Economy},
  volume = {82},
  number = {4},
  pages = {887--891},



This paper is really cool:



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    I don't think you need the filecontents package here? Sep 9, 2010 at 6:56
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    You're right. My code example was manufactured from a more general file biblatextest.tex which I use to test biblatex features on the fly - and for this purpose, the filecontents package feature that allows overwriting an existing (bib) file comes in handy.
    – lockstep
    Sep 9, 2010 at 15:04
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    An alternative biblatex solution would just be to use \usepackage[citestyle=verbose]{biblatex}
    – Seamus
    Nov 19, 2010 at 21:53
  • When I use fullcite it only prints first-collaborator and collaborators. How can I get the full name of all of them? The main bibliography is OK.
    – skan
    Oct 28, 2020 at 16:20

You have to use \nobibliography, \usepackage{bibentry} and \bibentry{foo}. Here you are an example:





Look ma, inline bibtex entries:

\item \bibentry{michael}
\item \bibentry{elvis}

\section{And now for something completely different}
Lorem ipsum yada yada,
also see \cite{britney}, 
yada yada, and \cite{marilyn} too.



For the details see this webpage: https://www.stefaanlippens.net/bibentry/

Additionally, if you don't want the section References to be shown, you could substitute \bibliography{test_bibentry.bib} by \nobibliography{test_bibentry.bib}

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