I need creating a diagram like the one in the picture below. After creating nodes, how do I connect them with circular arcs centered at the centre of the triangle? enter image description here

Thank you all!


I finally obtained the desired result adapting a code by percusse.

% three differently shaped nodes on a circle
\node[rectangle,minimum width=2cm,minimum height=1cm,draw,name path=n1] (A) at (-30:\Ray) {Text A};
\node[rectangle,minimum width=2cm,minimum height=1cm,draw,name path=n2] (B) at (90:\Ray) {Text B};
\node[rectangle,minimum width=2cm,minimum height=1cm,draw,name path=n3] (C) at (210:\Ray) {Text C};
% the circle I wish the connectors to be placed on
\path[name path=c] circle (\Ray);
\path[name intersections={of=n1 and c,name=i1},
      name intersections={of=n2 and c,name=i2},
      name intersections={of=n3 and c,name=i3}
% arcs
% labels on arcs
\node[rectangle,fill=white] at (20:\Ray) {Label 1};
\node[rectangle,fill=white] at (160:\Ray) {Label 2};
\node[rectangle,fill=white] at (270:\Ray) {Label 3};

Here is the result. enter image description here

Thank you all for the info!

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