I would like to add changebar to the revised parts of my pdf but also I want to write a text on the change bars. I know two packages for changebar: 1- cahngebar package 2- pdfcomment package (with pdfsidelinecomment command).

But the problem is: cahngebar package does not accept text and in pdfcomment package (as far as I tried) I could not modify text properties of pdfsidelinecomment.

I would like to know if:

Is there a way to change the text properties in pdfsidelinecomment of pdfcomment package? I tried below commands but they did not work:

\begin{pdfsidelinecomment}[fontsize=10bp, fontcolor=red, font=TiRo]{test}

When I run them in LaTeX, they does not return any error but they do nothing either! When I checked the output pdf with different pdf readers the text of pdfsidelinecomment does not change, so it is not a reader issue.


If it is not possible to do it in pdfcomment package, can you please guide me to create side line comments similar to the pdfsidelinecomment but with editable text.

  • I forgot to mention that I would like to edit font size, font colour and font type of the changebar text. – ehsan Feb 2 '16 at 10:09

What you try to achive is not possible with pdfcomment.

The DA key (default appearance string to be used in formatting the text) is not supported in PDF Line annotations, other than in PDF freetext annotations. See PDF Reference 1.7 (p. 626 ff)

The PDF format does not support it, so pdfcomment can't either!

font, fontsize and fontcolor are not listed as possible options for pdfsidelinecomment or pdflinecomment.

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