I am trying to add an external pdf file in my document written in LyX, using the Hebrew Article document class. Following suggestions from other questions, I tried to use the "pdfpages" package but I'm struggling with it. When trying to compile the pdf (pdflatex specifically) I get the error message:

!pdfTeX error: pdflatex: 1 unmatched \pdfsave after page shipout

I have found no information on this specific error message or its relation to the "pdfpages" package. Can anyone shed some light on the problem?


The problem might arise when importing a file that was prepared in one language into a file that was prepared in another (for instance, inserting an english document into a hebrew one).

It is easily solved by switching language before the insert, simply add in ERT \selectlanguage{english} before the insert.

Of course if you're inserting a hebrew file it would become \selectlanguage{hebrew}

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