In the process of a project, I realized it would be helpful if I could do as follows. Say I have a list of different commands (simplified):


Now I want a command that can call one of these commands (based on input):


The example above won't work, but how would I go accomplishing something that has such a functionality?


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You have to construct the macro name with \csname A#1\endcsname.

In fact, a lot of package or class code makes use of this \csname ...\endcsname construction and it's not restricted to LaTeX, since both macros are TeX primitives actually.

Please note: \AA is already defined, providing a Scandinavian character, i.e.s something like Å (But since the command names seemed to be simplified, this won't be an issue, I think)

If \A#1 is not defined \csname A#1\endcsname expands to \relax, i.e. it does nothing.



  \csname A#1\endcsname%





As you can see \caller{A} works (since \AA is defined) and \caller{Z} does nothing (since \AZ isn't defined)

enter image description here

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