I am using fancyhdr and this is my preamble. The first page still has 1 in the footer while other pages have Page 2, Page 3 and so on. How to remove the 1 on the first page?

\lhead{something here}
\cfoot{Page \thepage}
  • After \begin{document} add \thispagestyle{empty}.
    – Zarko
    Feb 5, 2016 at 2:43

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You're probably also issuing \maketitle, which issues \thispagestyle{plain}. The plain page style inserts the footer only (as \thepage). As such, you can override this and issue \thispagestyle{empty} immediately after \maketitle:

enter image description here



\lhead{something here}
\cfoot{Page \thepage}

\title{A title}
\author{An author}


\maketitle% This also issues \thispagestyle{plain}, so...
\thispagestyle{empty}% ...remove headers & footers



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